Out of all the best gym franchise opportunity out there, you have the unique opportunity of becoming a FBBC Franchise. As you’ll see, becoming a franchise partner with us is a distinguished experience that comes with a host of benefits and perks. Whether you choose to open a fitness franchise a single location, there are a host of advantages to franchising with us.

Best Gym Franchise Opportunity

Purpose Driven Business Ownership

Our business model is especially well suited to purpose-driven business owners. Those franchise partners who are driven to grow their business while making a difference in their community will enjoy the fulfillment of helping others when they become FBBC Franchise partners.

Strong, Growing Industry

The fitness industry is booming, and there’s never been a better way to get involved than by joining our team. Americans want to get into shape, and our convenient locations and 24 hour availability, along with value prices make fitness franchise opportunities at FBBC Franchise an appealing option for this population.

Potential for Financial and Lifestyle Independence

Are you looking for ways to increase your financial and lifestyle independence that will allow you to leave the drudgery of corporate life? At FBBC Franchise, we want our franchise-partners to enjoy greater freedom in their financial and personal lives, and we believe our gyms are simple to run once their doors are opened. That’s why we make the process of turning a fitness gym franchise opportunity into your own gym as smooth as possible.

A Modest Investment

Compared to other gym franchise opportunities, FBBC Franchise’s total initial investment is relatively low. We do everything we can to help to keep initial costs low for our franchise-partners so they can open strong and stay strong.

Semi Absentee Ownership

While running a FBBC Franchise gym franchise isn’t totally hands-off, many of our franchise-partners don’t see any need to be in their gyms every day. By hiring a trusted staff to manage your daily operations, you can enjoy more time away from work.

Multi Unit and Development Opportunities

Why just open one gym franchise when you could double or triple the opportunity? Opening multiple units gives you the opportunity to increase your profits and create your own fitness empire. We want our franchise partners to help us expand our brand, so we’re excited to offer discounts to franchise partners who open multiple units.                                                                                                                   

At FBBC Franchise, we’re excited about expanding into new areas and markets. Franchise partners who are willing to help us develop these areas will enjoy extended opportunities.